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Here at Mountain View Ice Arena, we believe in being positively involved with our local community and are committed to helping our local non-profit organizations succeed! Please contact us to see if we can help you with one of our several fundraising options!


Due to the large number of requests for various in-kind donations, we have created a set of guidelines to ensure fairness to the community. In order to give your organization the best opportunity possible to receive a donation, please download the donation request form and submit to Mountain View Ice Arena.

Donation Policy guidelines form (must accompany Donation Request)

Donation request form

Fundraising options

Realizing that there is a great need for new and exciting fundraisers and family fun nights, Mountain View Ice Arena has the perfect solution for you!

Each fundraiser can be tailored to your individual needs. We will help you create a custom fundraiser or family fun night for your group, no matter what the size is. We offer both public and private options.


Option 1: Admission Passes

First, decide on a date and time that best suits your needs. Then, simply print and sell as many passes to this session as you like (up to 200). Your organization sets the price! On the day of the event, your organization will be charged $7.00 per pass redeemed: you keep the rest!! Example: You print and sell 100 passes for $10 each. 80 people redeem their passes that session, and you've just  raised $440 for your organization with very little effort!


Option 2: Discount Coupon for Public Session

First, decide on a date and time that best suits your needs. Then, make and distribute coupons for the event. Let everyone know that their coupon will get them $2.00 off the price of admission; plus their group will receive $2.00 for each coupon collected. At the end of the public session attended, MVIA will count the coupons collected, and mail out a check to your organization for the total amount due!


Option 3: Private Ice Fundraiser

Our Arena Manager will be happy to let you know what days and hours are available for private ice rental (Ice is available to rent for 1, 2 or 3 hours and is currently $450.00 per hour, plus $3.50 for each skate rental). Once the arena is rented, your organization sets the price for each admission and sells the ticket for the event. Although this does require prior payment, this fundraiser can generate $200 to $1000 in profit!!   


Please note that all fundraisers MUST be scheduled in advance with the Arena Manager. We will assist you in designing coupons, 
passes and flyers, if required. No passes can be sold on arena property on the day of the event.  


Field Trips

Ice Skate on your next Field Trip!

Serving schools throughout Washington State and Orgeon, MVIA offers great filed trip opportunities for church and school groups, physical education classes, daycare centers and more!


Each Field Trip Includes:

  • Introductory Ice Skating Lesson
  • Admission and Skate Rental
  • Tour of the Facility

 Field Trips are offered Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm with pricing according to group size. 

Multiple visits are perfect for Physical Education Classes!!!