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Figure Skating Etiquette


1. Courtesy:

First and foremost is courtesy. It is essential to respect the rights of other skaters and be constantly aware of who is around you. If you seem to be surrounded by skaters of significantly greater or lesser skills, be especially careful! Strive to avoid collisions!

2. "Jump Zones":

Avoid standing, spinning or teaching in the "Jump Zones", near the boards where edge jumps take place or in Lutz corners.

3. Look Out:

Look out for those who are not looking out for you and give them a little extra space.

4. Performing Dangerous Single Moves:

Recognize that once you've started an element it will be hard for you to see those around you. Take a good look at your selected "space" before you start the element. Abort if it looks like you could cause a problem!

5. Falls and Injuries:

If you happen to fall, get up as quickly as possible. Remember that the other skaters will have a much harder time seeing you when you are down low on the ice.

6. Predictability:

Try to "predict" where a skater may do a maneuver by the pattern of their approach into a jump or spin. Try to avoid being in the same area if at all possible.

7. Don't Stand Around:

Refrain from standing around visiting on the ice. This wastes expensive ice and presents an additional hazard for other skaters to avoid.

8. Harness Use:

The harness may only be used under the direct supervision of a professional instructor who is in good standing with MVIA. Be courteous when using the harness and limit the use to 15 minutes when others are waiting to use the equipment. Harness use during public session is at the Supervisors discretion.

9. Right of Way:

Right of way goes to the skaters who don't see the potential for a collision - no exceptions.

10. Public Session "Practicing":

More advanced skaters are responsible for making sure they are skating in a safe manner on all sessions, but most importantly on public sessions. Public skaters as well as those "less advanced" skaters are not capable of avoiding a collision on the ice surface.

11. Program Music:

Program music on Public Sessions is allowed only with the Supervisors approval. Please be courteous when playing program music on any session (i.e.: playing music too loud, too repetitive, etc.). Music will be played one time, in order, until all music has been played, at which time the play order will start again from the first played.

12. Remember:

All questions, concerns, etc. should be brought to the attention of the Facility Management. The Facility Supervisor has the responsibility to limit certain maneuvers, etc. during public sessions that are crowded and/or have a number of beginning skaters participating on them.


Mountain View Ice Arena reserves the right to refuse service.