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Youth Hockey - Learn to Play

The mission of the MVIA Learn to Play Hockey Program is to provide an instructional experience that allows each student to improve his/her skills, knowledge of the game, and self-confidence through a positive learning experience.

Our Learn to Play Hockey Program is for ages 2-17 and is designed for beginning through advanced players! The program is in 3 parts: Hockey 1/2 class, Hockey 3/4 class and Youth I.P. Full hockey gear* is required for all students in the I.P. program. All students must complete the MVIA Learn to Skate Hockey 1 - 4 classes, or be evaluated in a private lesson with a MVIA coach before entering the Youth I.P. class.

*Full gear includes a helmet with full face shield, mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin pads, skates, gloves and stick.


Classes include:

  • Passing and Shooting the puck
  • Learning the rules of hockey
  • Cross Ice Scrimmaging
  • Skating Drills
  • Fulle gear is required, pucks provided
  • Positional hockey
  • Skill, quickness and coordination improvement for skilled players
  • Edge work
  • Hockey turns


Our Philosophy is simple!

The MVIA Learn to Play Hockey Program is dedicated to making the game of hockey fun for everyone who plays it. By learning and developing the appropriate fundamental skills and knowledge of the game, every player will gain the confidence to be able to compete and enjoy the game at every age and skill level.